SHRM junkies and tattoo parlors

So we’ve all been talking SHRM11 until we’re blue in the face. The hype for the upcoming conference has almost become unbearable and the pressure is mounting.

I was recently in a local Tattoo Parlor (d0 they still call it that?) with a friend who was getting a monkey tattoo (not as bizarre as it sounds) and had a brief moment of stupidity in thinking, “hey, I should get the SHRM logo tattooed on my left ankle! That’s when you know you’ve seen too much publicity of an event! You’ll be glad to know that moment of stupidity was as I stated “brief” and subsided.

In all sincerity I am totally stoked about going to Vegas for the SHRM11 Conference but can’t decide if it’s the conference I’m hyped up about or just going to Vegas, seeing as how I’ve never been and always wanted to go.  I’m sure it is the combination of the two.

I’m also excited about meeting so many of you and having a little #F2F (face to face) action. I’m met so many of you online through Twitter especially and now on Facebook and I’m looking forward to seeing your gorgeous faces in person. I enjoy interacting with all of you on a regular basis.

So, that being said – I’ll see you in Sin City!